Fundisa for Change Team presented the programme and the Online Learning Platform as part of the Rhodes University Environmental Learning Research Centre Session on Education & skills transformations for just transitions, sustainability & the future of Work. Prof. Heila Lotz-Sisitka introduced the panel as session chair (Figure 2). The team presented in Panel 3:  Teacher Education, Curriculum and Transformative Learning Innovations.  The Fundisa for Change team consisted of Shanu Misser, Eureta Rosenberg (video), Arorise Sibanda, Rob O’Donoghue, Sebastian Sanjigadu and Wilma van Staden.

Dr Wilma van Staden presented on the recent research on e-learning which is informing the design and development of the Fundisa for Change online courses. This led to discussion on the Fundisa for Change online learning platform, online course frameworks and the monitoring process that needs to be in place to ensure accurate evaluation. The learning processes of the uptake of knowledge and value creation supported by the online learning platform as a mediating tool were also discussed. For more information on the conference go to . The Panel discussion information is listed in Appendix C. Click here to access the Fundisa for Change Panel Discussion’s presentation.