What is Fundisa for Change?

The Fundisa for Change programme is a multi-stakeholder collaborative national professional learning community established as a South African community of practice response towards enhancing and supporting transformative environmental and sustainability learning through teacher education in the country.

Fundisa for Change partners consisting of environmental and education organisations from Government, Higher Education Institutions, Government Entities, Business and NGO’s are collaborating in service of the common good, in this case the professional learning of South Africa’s teachers in the area of Environment and Sustainability Education.

The overall objective of the Fundisa for Change programme is to:

To enhance and strengthen transformative ESD and environmental learning through teacher education.

Objectives Fundisa For Change


The overall objective of Fundisa for Change is to strengthen transformative environmental learning through teacher education.
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All Fundisa for Change resources are freely available for educational purposes, with acknowledgement.
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EEASA 2020 – Rethinking education during times of climate crisis
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