To achieve the Fundisa for Change capacity building objectives, we’ve undertaken the following activities:

  1. Developed a range of teacher education materials;
  2. Engaged in the design, implementation and evaluation of highly regarded nationally relevant capacity building programmes for teacher educators (first level, implemented through the national coordinator) and teachers (second level, to be implemented by partners).


All our materials are written collaboratively, with writing teams consisting of a teacher education partner (e.g. university), an environmental sector partner and DBE subject advisors. The writing teams work together to create living resources that are reviewed, piloted and adjusted in response to updated knowledge and needs in the sector.

Materials are freely available for education purposes and can be accessed in our resources section.

Fundisa for Change downloadable resources


Fundisa is currently running three stages of training:

Stage 1 training is for partners who support school-based environmental activities. The purpose of this training is to develop an understanding of the changes in the national curriculum system and implications for how this influences school-based support activities.

Stage 2 training is for partners who want to provide fully accredited, nationally recognised training for teachers. This training is offered to partners who have the requisite qualifications to offer teacher education (as per DoE requirements), and could either be DBE personnel with responsibility for teacher training, university partners who can accredit training, or accredited training providers offering training accredited by ETDP SETA. The training workshops currently focus on planning and designing the offering of accredited Fundisa for Change courses for teachers using the Fundisa for Change shared materials and resources.

Stage 3 training is the training of teachers and curriculum advisors by partners using the Fundisa for Change materials. The purpose of these training workshops is to improve teachers’ environmental subject content knowledge, teaching practices and assessment practices. DBE partners can use the SACE endorsed programmes to enable teachers to obtain CPD points.


Fundisa for Change has obtained SACE endorsement for the programme. Longer and short versions of the Fundisa for Change programmes are available. Longer versions of the training programmes are endorsed for 20 SACE points. Shorter versions of the training programmes are endorsed for 15 SACE points. Providers also need to be SACE endorsed. All Higher Education Institutions and the DBE are automatically SACE endorsed to offer the Fundisa for Change training programmes. The following programmes have obtained SACE endorsement:

Fundisa for Change Courses (can be run either long or short versions):

  • Teaching Climate Change in Natural Sciences, Grade 7-9
  • Teaching Indigenous Knowledge and technology in Natural Sciences and Technology 4-6
  • Teaching Biodiversity in Life Sciences, Grades 10 – 12
  • Teaching Water in Social Sciences, Grades 7-9
  • Teaching Water in Social Sciences,   Grades 4-6
  • Teaching Healthy Living in Life Skills, Grades R-3
  • Teaching Climate Change in Geography, Grades 10-12
  • Teaching, Marine Biodiversity in Life Sciences, Grades 10-12
  • Teaching Life and Living in Natural Sciences and Technology, Grades 4-6
  • Teaching Water in Geography, Grades 10 – 12

Public sector partners who are eligible to offer accredited teacher training who would like to offer this training would need to join the Fundisa for Change programme, and undertake a Training of Trainers course. All partners in the Fundisa for Change programme need to agree to the Fundisa for Change partnership protocol.