Thirteen sets of teacher education materials have been developed, edited and printed so far, in two categories:

  • Generic ‘core’ materials, which provide an orientation to the programme, and conceptual grounding for the subject specific topics
  • Subject-specific topic units to support teaching in the Curriculum and Assessment Policy (CAPS). These materials are being developed for specific phases, and will be posted on the site as they become available. Each unit provides an orientation to a particular environmental learning focus, and is divided into three core areas: core knowledge, teaching practice and assessment practice.

All Fundisa for Change resources are freely available for educational purposes, with acknowledgement.


Do you want to participate by helping to develop a unit linked to a specific environmental topic?

Contact us to discuss joining our growing network of partners.


ORIENTATING ‘CORE’ MATERIALS:                   

Introductory Core Text

Download the Introductory Core Text.

Methods & Processes

Download Methods & Processes.

Active Teaching and Learning

Download Active Teaching and Learning.



The subject specific topic units are available to members of the Fundisa for Change programme. If you would like access to these materials, please contact us.




Teaching Climate Change

Teaching Climate Change: Geography Grades 10 – 12.

Teaching Biodiversity

Teaching Biodiversity: Life Sciences Grades 10 – 12


Teaching Marine Biodiversity: Life Sciences grades 10 – 12

healthy living

Teaching Healthy Living: Life Skills Grades R – 3

life and living

Teaching Life and Living: Natural Sciences and Technology Grades 4 – 6


Teaching Indigenous Knowledge and Technology: Natural Sciences and Technology Grades 4 – 6


Teaching Water: Geography Grades 10 – 12

climate change

Teaching Climate Change: Natural Sciences Grades 7 – 9